uJahed Company as an investment company providing rural and nomadic industries services is one of the companies active in the Jahad_E_Esteghlal Institute that mainly operates in the field of business activities (domestic and foreign) on various goods and services in agriculture section and rural and nomadic environs.

:The goals and operation field of the company are as follows

Studying and providing research and consulting services on livestock
Investing and cooperating both inside and outside the country
Doing any business operation both inside and outside the country

Importing farming machinery, importing and distributing livestock and poultry frozen meats, importing and distributing chemical fertilizer and cereals and also investing and cooperating in civil projects and investing in the stocks of other companies are among the most remarkable activities of the company over the past years.

Currently, Jahed investing Company has focused on importing red meat and it enjoys a quality and experienced man force structure that makes it one of the companies importing large quantities of the above mentioned items. The company aims to take large steps along with the government policies to meet the domestic needs for the protein and livestock materials and market adjustment.
In addition, since Jahed investment Company is covered by the non-profit and nongovernmental Jahad_E_Esteghlal Institute and it is a subdivision of Ministry of Agriculture, It has attempted to act in coordination with Ministry of Agriculture in order to implement the governing policies of the state on adjusting livestock protein market as an executive arm in coordination with the Institute of Jahad_E_Esteghlal Institute .

Performance of the Company:

Importing chicken meat from foreign countries
Importing advanced farming machinery from foreign countries and after-sales
Importing chemical fertilizer
Implementing construction projects
Business exchanges