Development of wood cultivation with unconventional water is on the agenda of the Forest Organizatio


The executive director of wood agriculture development of the country's Forests, Rangelands and Watershed Management Organization, referring to the importance of wood agriculture development in the country, said that: The use of unconventional water for the development of wood cultivation is on the agenda of the Forests and Rangelands Organization.

 Javad Mir-Arab Razi, at a joint meeting of the Forests Organization, the Forests and Rangelands Research Institute and the Water and Sewerage Organization of the country on the topic of strategies for using unconventional water to develop wood cultivation said:In the past years, due to various factors, such as the price of wood products and wood harvesting from forest areas, this plan has not been properly addressed.

He then added that: Due to economic conditions and the ban on timber harvesting from northern forests, the development of wood cultivation is one of the priorities of the Forests and Rangelands Organization, which this year is also considered as one of the tasks related to production leap.

He then mentioned that: According to the plans, by the year 2029, it is planned to develop 315,000 hectares of wood cultivation, which in order to achieve this goal, an average of 30,000 hectares of wood cultivation should be increased annually.

Source of the news: Public relations of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture 

Translated by: F.KH