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Jahadgaran cultural and Sport Institute was founded on July.06.1998 as an institute and registered in Tehran General Department of Registration of Companies and Industrial Ownerships according to letter No. 10412 dated: Sept.01.1998. Main office of this institute is located in house No. 9, Maragheh lane, Ostad Nejatollahi St. Tehran. On the strength of the process verbal of extraordinary assembly dated: March.18.200, fiscal year of this institute was set to be from January 20th of each year until January 19th of the next year.

Jahadgaran Institute

Principal activity

  • Study, design, establishment and management of cultural, educational, welfare, health and therapy centers and complexes such as kindergartens, higher education schools and centers, art I\institutes, sport clubs, tourism, residential and entertainment places, show salons, theaters etc…
  • Execution of activities in connection with publishing, newspapers and press, audio, visual and computer-linked activities, advertising and propaganda in relation to paragraph one (above mentioned)
  • To render consultative, hygienic, therapy and educational services
  • To render administrative and specialist services including procurement of manpower, and to manage the administrative and financial units, dining salons, butler pantries, taking care of hygiene and cleanliness, installations, and to procure and provide administrative facilities and machinery etc…
  • To have symposiums, conferences, courses, festivals, competitions and matches held, and to take care of any cultural, educational, scientific, art, welfare, domestic and international tourism, medical tourism and pilgrimage in line with execution of goals and obligations of Jahadgaran Cultural and sport Institute.
  • To execute all commercial operation in compliance with above mentioned items.
  • Investment and partnership with all real and legal entities in the country and abroad